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Since 2009, UCtriX has been taking the pain and effort out of information technology for Global businesses. UCtriX designs, develops, and manufactures equipment for enterprise and industrial applications. Our advanced, proprietary designs provide clients with improved performance, economy, and reliability in their operations.

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  • Joule AnalytiX™

    Energy Managers are continually investigating solutions that allow the asset to further improve financial and environmental performance while maintaining occupant comfort.

    The Joule AnalytiX Platform will deliver these goals:

    • Immediate dollars savings through reduced energy consumption (M&V)
    • Improved maintenance costs through proactive maintenance instructions to building or contract maintenance teams.
    • Improved lifecycle of plant and equipment.
    • Future proofing assets against increasing electricity prices.
    • Asset appreciation through a reduction in outgoings
    • Optimization of the existing plant and equipment without interrupting operations.
  • Triple H2OX - Water Reclamation

    The Benifits of Chemical-Free Wastewater Recycling

    Australia, Spain, Italy, California, Texas and Florida are just some of the areas around the world being affected by drought and the need to balance increasing population growth, dry climates and heavy irrigation/agricultural demands with water demands. UCtriX's water reclamation solutions using UV and Ozone is becoming increasingly common as municipalities address high water demands and shrinking supplies. Ozone has many uses in water dependent industries. From drinking water to wastewater, marine and ballast water, pulp and paper bleaching and treatment to pharmaceuticals, ozone provides excellent treatment. In the pharmaceutical industry, ozone disinfects without leaving chemical residuals or forming harmful byproducts. It also breaks down pharmaceutical residuals (APIs and EDCs) and personal care products (PCPs), to protect the environment and downstream drinking water supplies. In mining, it can oxidize difficult compounds like cyanide, making them easier to remove from waste streams. On the wastewater side, ozone can break down (cracking) complex COD from paper processing, making them biodegradable, as well as breaking down color components to help meet regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Diagnostic Agent for Building Operators (DABO™)

    A High Performance Ongoing Commissioning Tool

    To improve daily performance in operations and maintenance, the building managers and operating staff refer to DABO™ for

    • increased user comfort and reduction in the number of complaints and service calls
    • real-time identification of corrective actions to take and efficient scheduling of correction maintenance team tasks
    • lasting energy savings, with initial savings of more than 15%
    • optimal design of a component, equipment or system to be replaced, thanks to the operational and performance history
    • facilitated LEED accreditation
  • Managed services

    Let UCtriX take care of your IT challenges with proactive, preventative managed services.

    Focusing on reliable performance, robust network security, and reducing downtime and recovery costs, our all inclusive solutions include:

    • Managed Network Services
    • Managed Cloud Services
    • Managed Security Services
    • Managed Desktop Services
    • Service Desk
  • Security

    UCtriX’s IT Security Services help you identify and protect the information assets within your organisation

    Our comprehensive approach includes consultancy, supply, design, implementation and ongoing management.

    • Enterprise Security Management
    • Security Consulting Services
    • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation
    • Mobile Security
    • Advanced Threat Protection
    • Managed Security Services
  • Networking

    Expert Networking Solutions for leading Global companies

    UCtriX offers end-to-end voice, video and data Networking Solutions to a wide range of Global companies from medium sized businesses to leading Fortune 500 companies.

    • Routing and Switching
    • Auditing and Design Services
    • Collaboration and Conferencing
    • Voice, Video, and Data Provisioning
    • Wireless Networking
    • Managed Network Services
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