Managed services

As a company, you are continually faced with the challenge of growing your business. In addition, there’s the ever growing daily quandary of keeping your IT systems up and running smoothly and effectively.

UCtriX can provide you with a single source of expertise in system management and IT support functions – so you can focus on more important matters – like building your business. By choosing UCtriX as a managed services provider, you gain a trusted, proven partner in managed services.

It’s like having your own IT department, without the additional cost. Let UCtriX take care of your IT challenges

Managed services
  • Security Resource Team

    Effective management with high uptime

    The Security Resource Team (SRT) is a unique security service, utilising a group of security engineers specialising in risk mitigation and threat prevention. The service leverages our experience in both delivering managed services, and our expertise in network security, allowing us to provide an agile and vigilant security process for enterprises

    • Security Policy Provisioning across leading security vendors
    • Change verification and tracking
    • Policy optimisation
    • Proactive monitoring and risk analysis

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  • Managed Security Services

    Safeguard your IT

    Identify and protect the information assets within your organisation with our IT Managed Security Services. We specialise in safeguarding your environment from a range of network security threats to support your business operations.

    • access authentication solutions
    • email and web content filtering solutions
    • 24/7 IT security monitoring
    • security assessment, review, auditing, and management
    • perimeter and end-point security management
  • Managed Network Services

    Optimise speed and reliability

    Data communication networks are the glue that binds everything together in an effective organisation. Ensuring your communication channels are operating at optimum levels, UCtriX provides an approach to data service management to achieve your business outcomes.

    • 24/7 remote monitoring
    • trend utilisation and capacity analysis
    • full performance reporting
    • reduce your IT spend
    • access to highly certified and skilled network consultants
  • Managed Cloud Services

    Flexible and scalable

    The UCtriX Managed Cloud provides an on-demand IT infrastructure that includes servers, storage, backups, operating applications – all managed by one supplier and delivered via the internet. Future proof your infrastructure by moving to the cloud.

    • hosting (IAAS)
    • specialised application support
    • Office 365 licensing and support
    • remote support
    • private link
  • Managed Desktop Services

    Optimise your IT environment

    Through our Managed Desktop Services, we can help you maintain a stable operating environment by looking at your IT infrastructure as a whole and managing it throughout its lifecycle.

    • reduce your IT spend
    • improve your network security levels
    • increase your staff productivity
    • access to leading edge technology
    • remote and onsite support
  • Service Desk

    Experts on call

    Our IT Service Desk provides traditional help desk functions and is also the key component in the effective management and resolution of all registered alarms and faults. Staffed by friendly industry experts who can provide real time solutions, UCtriX’s Service Desk gives you peace of mind.

    • 24/7 technical support
    • customer service specialists
    • pro-active monitoring and alerting thorough follow up and communication

Security Resource Team

Effective management with high uptime

Internet of things (IoT) is giving birth to exciting new applications for ecommerce, supply-chain management, customer care, workforce optimization, and e-learning— applications that streamline and improve processes, speed up turnaround times, lower costs, and increase user satisfaction. These advances in turn require adaptable security infrastructure and policies to protect organizations from advanced persistent threats. UCtriX’s Security Resource Team provides an agile and vigilant security process for all enterprises.

Security Policy Provisioning:

As enterprise security managers open their networks to more users and applications, they also expose these networks to greater risk. The result has been an increase in the business security requirements.

Firewall security policies are the basis for a sound security implementation. UCtriX, foreseeing the security challenges of IoT, provides a unique security service, SRT (Security Resource Team) – a team of security professionals that dramatically reduce application delivery timeline from weeks to hours. Deliverable includes;

  • Establishment, implementation, validation of relevant processes to effectively implement all Firewall Security Policies within the umbrella of Corporate IT security Policy
  • The effective quality assurance and control processes, with exception detection, mitigation strategy and reporting mechanisms.
  • Ensuring adequate testing is performed on new firewall polices provisioned prior to marking the application connectivity as ‘Complete’

Firewall Rules Optimization:

It is estimated that around 10-20% rules in a typical firewall environment are duplicated, causing hardware performance impact on the firewall. uctrix SRT provides a wide range of actionable recommendations to clean up, optimize, and tighten firewall security policy. We can uncover unused, duplicate and expired rules and objects, and can even consolidate similar rules. This will not only enhance the firewall hardware efficiencies but would also reduce the troubleshooting time required for end-to-end application testing.
Additionally, SRT provides explicit recommendations on how to reorder rules for optimal firewall performance while retaining policy logic.

Monitoring & Reporting on KPIs & Changes:

Change monitoring contains the mechanisms, tools, and techniques which permit the identification of security events that could impact the critical network operations. As a vital part of uctrix FRT deliverable, it includes the actions to identify the important elements of an event and to report that information appropriately.

  • Reporting on changes made
  • Reporting on roll back with reasons
  • Resolution, post-incident follow up and reporting to appropriate parties
  • Reporting on KPI’s

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  • Security Policy Provisioning across leading security vendors
  • Proactive risk analysis
  • Impact evaluation
  • Change verification
  • Change tracking
  • Monitoring
  • Policy optimisation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Reporting on KPIs and changes

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